Wicked Jennifer Armentrout



My exact reaction when i found out JLA was starting a new series…



Okayyy, so i think i should tell you guys what its about…Jennifer has posted on her website (http://www.jenniferarmentrout.com/things-are-about-to-get-wicked-in-new-orleans/) that its going to be self published and should be released by December 8th 2014 and it will be on digital and print format. It then goes on to say that WICKED is a New adult paranormal romance (so my kind of book :D) and because i love giving people teasers here’s a excerpt of WICKED…

Clasping my cheeks with his large, calloused hand, he swooped in and tilted his head. He kissed me, right there on the side of the street, in front of Brighton and Merle’s house. And it was no chaste or quick kiss. I didn’t even think Ren knew how to do chaste kisses.

His warm mouth moved over mine, insistent and seductive. With my hands clutching the helmet between us, all I could do was let myself be swept away by the feel of his mouth on mine.

And it did feel damn good.

The bike still hummed under us, and as his tongue glided over mine, I gasped into his mouth. I felt his lips curve into a smile against mine, and I wanted to pitch the helmet into the street and climb all over him.

Ren’s mouth brushed mine as he murmured, “Mmm.”

“What… what was that for?” I asked, blinking.

He laughed as he turned, turning the engine off. “It was a ‘just because kiss.’ Get used to it. You’re going to get a lot of them.”

I stared at his back. “What if I don’t want them?”

He looked over his shoulder, arching a brow. “You want them.”

I sighed. I did want them.




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