Catch up and what’s to come :)

Hiii, sorry I haven’t posted  anything in a while I’ve been preparing for my history exam that is coming up so I have  been a little bit  busy revising 🙂 now what’s there to say…hmm well don’t forget that the wait  for RIVAL is coming to a end  with only  a day to go (excited sequel) so be ready for that review to come.

As well as this I have opposition to publish ,now I read this as soon as it came out but haven’t had the time to publish it a  well as the rest in the series but don’t panic! It will be written up very soon.

Finally, I have  recently had a email from the lovely Jacqueline kwong other wise know as J.kwong in regards to review her self published debut book scarlet winters so be expecting this review very soon 🙂 you can find more  information on this book on goodreads so please please hah  a look into it an  give I  a chance

Well that seems to be all for now,
                                                         Byeee 🙂


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