J.Kwongs debut novel Scarlet Winters (The Berona Chronicles)


The Blurb-

Welcome to the city of Berona – a city governed by four Superheroes with great superpowers. Thanks to the Superheroes, Berona is mostly crime-free, and is touted as one of the best cities in the world. However, there are some people who aren’t so sure about Berona’s greatness…

Meet Terry Landers – a genius inventor who can create anything out of nothing. But Terry knows that she’s unpleasant and rude. which is why she’s surprised when she’s asked to become a Superhero’s sidekick. Terry is one of the few people who questions the wisdom of having the Superheroes govern Berona, and as she dives into her new role as a Superhero sidekick, she begins to realize just how right she might be.

Throw in a child kidnapping and evidence that links the crime to the Superheroes, it’s now up to Terry to save her beloved city. But will she be able to fulfill her duties as a sidekick? Or will danger find her first?

My thoughts…

As I’ve said in a earlier post this is a debut novel that has been self published. Now this book is not exactly the type of book that i would read but i decided to give it a chance as everyone says don’t judge a book by its cover ;). Its recommended for young adults, aged 16+, and i have to admit this does fit the age its saying or even maybe lower. This book all depends on what type of thing you like.. such as if you like superheroes that are bit childish and its all a bit of fun then this would be your book. However the vocabulary in this book can be rather childish and this is why i’m suggesting that the age goes a bit lower.The plot begins as bit predictable but catches me by surprise at the end which i thought was clever.

Not only this but i enjoyed scarlet’s attitude and damn right rudeness,she made me smile and laugh quite a bit through out the book and i was extremely happy she made the right choice in the end. The character Carson featured quite bit in this book but i wont go into what he is you’ll have to read the book to find out !!and I’m interested as to how Scarlet and Carson’s relationship grows through out the series.

Overall, i did enjoy this book it was a bit of fun with a good story line I glad i was offered the chance to review this and I hope that J.kwong continues with the series letting the books grow through out experience and time. 🙂


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