Adrian Lessons

Adrian Lessons By L.A Rose


This is an amazing book I’m not gonna lie to you…I’d love  it from  start to finish and the way it ended :O I can’t even the describe how much i love this book.Adrian though he’s sweet, sexy and frigging hell the things he did in this book would make a hooker blush (i know i certainly did) 😀 Cleo is so funny and you just can’t help but love her. She is strong, witty and hilarious.

I can not wait for the second book (their best be a second book Miss Rose) The conversation between Uterus and Brain, with a little incentive from Heart is probably some of the best and funniest dialogue I’ve read and immediately want more!

This is L. A. Rose’s debut book and it was fantastic, I can see this author going far.

This book is worth the read .. i recommend it to anyone who has a sense of humor enjoys a good  romance and of course doesn’t mind reading some steamy scenes.check out my blog tour page for more information on the book.


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