Beast By James D. Horton review

23120174The Blurb…

This is the continuing story from Predator & Prey Book One – find out what happens next to Lily as she continues her adventures with the Vampire known as Wolf. Together they delve deeper into the vampire society that controls the city where not all is as it seems ever and another surprise is always just around the corner.

My Thoughts…

I really like Lily. Every time I read her,she’s a wonderful contrast of brashness and insecurity without coming across needy and annoying. She asks Wolf several times “Why aren’t I good enough?”, when she can’t understand why he won’t do something.
I also really like Wolf. He isn’t a good person. He isn’t necessarily a bad person, either. He also has a past and a little bit of this was shown in this book while in the other book it showed how mysterious he was and secretive but now i don’t know whats worse i want more of these books…

I love James writing style its smooth and unrushed. The ending to this book was not isn’t the happy ending you might wish for in a romance, but it is so very very fitting although confusing. Overall I definitely would recommend for every reader to hurry up and start reading this novel.


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