James Games By L.A Rose review


The Blurb…

Every year, the girls of Phi Delta Chi, Fiona Arlett’s dream sorority, hold a competition.

The prize?

James Reid, king size bar of eye candy and famous actor turned haughty undergrad.

The rules?

No girl but the winner can touch him.

The problem?

Fiona miiight have unknowingly banged his brains out last week.

Losing the competition may mean wearing a chicken suit to the sexiest Halloween costume contest, but she’d rather have feathers up her butt than let the truth out.

Unfortunately, she and James have lots in common and more chemistry than the science wing. Soon they’re sneaking around behind the backs of UCSD’s hottest and most vengeful girls.

If they find out?

Fiona’s screwed

My review…

* An ARC received in exchange for an honest review *

I absolutely love Fiona she is  hilariously funny, quick witted and so likable. There is absolutely nothing annoying about her. Her friendship with Iris is amazing the banter between them is so life like. James, well you will love him. Hands down he is adorable

A amazing story !!  I will definitely be reading more of L.A’s books in the future because omg this was awsome. I already said awesome but I can’t stop saying it. So yeah i really liked this book if you haven’t got this book or haven’t heard of it you have now so,there is no excuse go find the nearest shop or go get your kindles and get reading this book!!!!

And this is my attitude to anyone who does not like this book…


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