Bitter Candy By Lily Ableman review

The Blurb

Hilarie Walsh fits in with her high school about as well as a Satan worshipper at a Christian book club. Not only is she the sole middle class girl in a sea of filthy rich kids, but – thanks to her ex’s lies – everyone also thinks she’s a slut. As a result, she’s completely given up on her love life.

Enter senior year – and Eric Lawington, the arrogant but incredibly sexy son of a billionaire.

Let the sparks fly.

My Thoughts…

Loved it! it was fun and different though at times Hilarie annoyed me a lot and i feel bad for Eric and hope there will be a new book to fix there problems or else i’m going to be disappointed as it was such a short book but overall a very good read and would recommend it to anyone who likes a twist on the normal romance books !

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