Doctor/Patient Confidentiality Volume Three By Eme Strife

My feet are immediately frozen in place, almost as if they’ve been physically cemented to the floor. My legs feel foreign, like a pair of oversized ice blocks, their weight suddenly too heavy for the rest of my body.

A surge of ice shoots through them and flares throughout the rest of my body, making an especially notable impact as it slithers through my spine, and I know it’s not because of the onslaught of cold wind now blowing over me.

Icy blue eyes keep me paralyzed and mute for several moments, and I swear my voice just left with the last gust of wind that came my way.

I feel my eyelids stretching themselves to the point of discomfort in an effort to accommodate the quickly-widening eyeballs within them. I’m even unable to blink as I behold the tall, imposing man standing at my grandmother’s doorstep.

My Thoughts:

Picking up where Volume Two left off, Roni answers the door to find…the person she least expects. After everyone leaves Gran heads to bed and Roni cleans up instead of leaving it till morning. That’s when she finds the stacks of bills and debt paperwork and knows she needs to talk to Gran.On her way home, realizing how much money she and Gran need, she makes her decision and makes THE phone call.

She heads to her interview and manages to get the job however when she’s working on her first night she comes across one more surprise and that surprise comes with icy blue eyes…

And that folks is where it ends! Yet again another cliff hanger making me desperate for the next book.The story keeps getting better and better. I didn’t see some of the turns this book took coming. So that just sucked me in more.The slow build is killing me!! ahhh Miss Strife what are you doing to me!!

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