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Hello and welcome to Trusty Page Turners! Now since you took the time to look at my blog I think I should tell you a little about myself. Well first thing anyone needs to learn about me is that I love and worship Ice cream some people have unhealthy relationships with coffee but not me. It’s all about Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough, I just can’t get enough. Second thing is I LOVE sleep, like literally the idea of going to sleep is amazing, I’m terrible at sleepover I just can’t do an all-nighter whats so ever. So anyone who wakes me up best be prepared and bring a cup of tea (I hate coffee sorry to all coffee lovers out there) and a shield. I spend most of my time staying in and listening to rock/punk rock and alternative indie with my face buried in a book.

Now that you’ve learnt a little about me why don’t I tell you about why I started this blog and what to expect from it.Well I didn’t properly get into reading until my older cousin handed me the book twilight and from that point on I have had my nose in a book. What brought me to review books however is that when I read awesome books I would try to explain it to close relatives or friends about how much I was in love with the book but later found that they weren’t interested so I went online and looked at other people’s blogs about books and I was inspired I decided to try to  express my feeling of books that I love and also help authors get the recognition they deserve.

What to expect from my blog… Well you have to learn that when I really love a book I gush all over it. I will constantly use the words wow!, Amazing!, Awesome! and constantly ask for more of the book so prepare yourself for a lot of that. You may also see a lot of swooning at the god like men in the books. You’ll see recent blog tours all over my blog and I’m hoping to start-up character and author interviews maybe even a few competition and giveaways here and there. I have such high hopes for this blog and I just cant wait to share my thought and feelings with you all!

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