Review Policy and Contact Page


I prefer to receive review copies in Hardcover or Paperback format but I am willing to accept Kindle e-books copies.

I would like to have my favorite categories which are  YA contemporary, romance and paranormal and I do read  NA and Adult romance books.

All my reviews will be my honest thoughts and I will not change my review or rating

If I receive an ARC, I will try my best to post my review the week before or the week of release unless otherwise requested by publisher.

I accept swag for myself and/or for giveaways.

I LOVE doing author interviews and character interviews or character profiles and would be more than happy to schedule one. (Must be for a genre I read)

But i will not accept review historical or non fiction.

when sending me an email please include 

  • Your name (full)
  • The books name
  • Why you think I’d like it (optional)
  • Brief summary
  • Picture of the front cover
  • When the book is due out
  • link to the book on goodreads

My reviews will always be spoiler-free. However, if I am reviewing a book that is part of a series, there will be spoilers from any previous books which I will clearly mark before my review


A contact me by to email address:


Both emails are working fine but it’s just in case you don’t get a fast enough reply on one you can try the other one, as one is connected to my phone (icloud) and this never leaves my side. 😉


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